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Hellfest 2015: Day Three

Live Review

Venue: Hellfest, Val de Moine Sporting Complex, Clisson, France

Hellfest comes to a close in mindpopping style

The eternal sunshine, cheap booze and 16 hour days have wrecked our spotless minds, but it's the last stretch and Tribulation [9] are playing the Temple. It's annoyingly empty but the Swedes churn out their death metal/'70s rock hybrid in victorious fashion, justifying the hype behind their latest opus, The Children Of The Night; titillatingly tight musicianship, spooky incense sticks and a rapturous reaction all assure us that Tribulation are indeed the dog's bollocks.

Carach Angren's [7] set is positively terrifying, with frontman Seregor pacing up and down as he whispers perverse poems over a blackened symphonic backdrop. A muddy sound leaves his diction muffled, but it's still a treat to hear older works like The Carriage Wheel Murder sandwiched between This Is No Fairytale tunes. 

Exodus' [7] merciless thrashing is on the money but proves too much for lazy sunbathers at Main Stage 02, leaving us wishing they'd been stuck in a tent at night-time instead. Oh well. A Day To Remember [8], however, revel in the sunshine. Jeremy McKinnon manages to stay in time singing Sometimes You're the Hammer, Sometimes You're the Nail's infectious chorus – unlike at Download, when it was wobblier than a piece of jelly with low self-esteem – and the combination of beach balls, poppy hardcore and band members who jump around like teenagers necking their inaugural WKD makes for an unexpected dose of fun. Even if the guy with the Darkthrone backpatch tells you otherwise.

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