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Five Things We Learned From Exodus' London Shows

Live Review

Venue: The Underworld, Camden, London

Exodus played two consecutive nights in Camden and we witnessed the chaos of both

US crunch captains Exodus descended on London’s rock capital Camden Town this week, becoming only the third thrash band to play more than one consecutive night at The Underworld since 2003 – the other two being Sepultura and Carcass. Here’s what we gleaned amid all the hyper-riffing madness…

Gary Holt Is Not In The Building. Or Indeed The Country
“There’s some fucker missing up here!” barks frontman Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza a few songs in, glancing around the stage. “Where’s that motherfucker at?” In reply, his bandmates play the opening bars of Slayer’s Raining Blood. Yes, Gary Holt, the band’s main creative force, is once again moonlighting with one of the Big Four, just as he was the last time Exodus played The Underworld. Heathen’s Kragen Lum makes a great stand-in, but you can’t help feeling disappointed. It’s like a fight club being run without Tyler Durden’s presence. Having said all that, this is still a blinding show and we do now have an additional old-school member back in the ranks…

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