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Five Things We Learned At AC/DC's Wembley Stadium Show

Live Review

Venue: Wembley Stadium, London

A whole lotta DC rolled into London's biggest venue

The behemoths of hard rock and all things Hellish came crashing into Wembley (very much) like a runaway train. Playing to 80,000 people is no easy task even for the veterans, so how did the Aussie titans hold up?

We didn't learn anything watching AC/DC
For 2015, see 2009. For 2009, see 2000. For 2000, see 1982. The show rolls on, and nothing changes. And why should it? A giant bell rings, cannons fire, flames erupt, and Angus jerks about like a man with defibrillators attached to his bollocks. Same as it ever was. While other stadium bands may increase the platform and pyro budget with every passing tour, AC/DC roll into town with a similar set-up, playing pretty much the same set. They're a living, breathing testament to the extraordinary power of giving people exactly what they wanted last time. 

Wembley Stadium is a horrible venue
In some ways it's a brilliant venue. Public transport links are good, sight lines are decent, the toilets are clean, and the cumberland sausage is excellent... but the sound is always bad. Previous shows have sounded like distant fairgrounds being mortared, but at least AC/DC are loud enough, even if the riffs echo around like bulldozers in a canyon.    

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