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Metal Brew Festival

Live Review

Venue: Barnet Rugby Club, London

Classic British metallers convene in North London

Nothing says summer like a Saturday spent with some sun, a pint and a spot of DIY. Forget the ill-fitting decking, Metal Brew have taken the relaxed, welcoming feel of a village fête and given it a shot of underground metal.

A last-minute venue change means that Seven Sisters play while many are still trying to navigate the back streets of High Barnet. LIFELESS [6] play a tight and competent set of hardcore-tinged thrash. A truly DIY festival needs a truly DIY band, and AMULET [7] fit the bill. The self-sufficient Londoners ooze 1981 from every pore, with a set of songs that could well have been released on obscure singles on long-defunct labels, exhorting you to bang your head for all its worth. 

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