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UK Tech-Fest 2015

Live Review

Venue: Newark Showground, Nottinghamshire

Decapitated head up metal’s most virtuoso gathering


Now on its fourth showing, the annual shindig for fans of all things progressive and technical is growing year on year. Not just in terms of attendees, but in terms of the breadth and scope of the acts playing the festival. The Tech-Fest of 2015 doesn’t stick rigidly to its previous remit, instead inviting other members of the modern, free-thinking metal family along for the ride, making it an event that is clearly heading in the right direction. Early birds are treated to SHATTERED SKIES[7] melodic metallic charms, before RED SEAS FIRE [8] make the most of their current lineup’s final ever gig. Although there is a degree of obvious technical prowess, it’s the huge and instantaneous riffs that get bodies moving. Headliners HACKTIVIST [9] really need to release an album now. Their live show continues to improve and their djent-hop sound is still unlike any other band around. Once everyone knows all the words, this could be carnage.

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