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Live: Denver Riot Fest & Rodeo

Live Review

Venue: National Western Complex, Denver

Hard rock and hard decisions at this five-stage extravaganza in Denver.

When Perry Farrell conceived the idea of Lollapalooza, he was trying to replicate what he had seen at European festivals, albeit a touring version. Fast-forward 24 years, and Denver Riot Fest is a five-stage affair with that overwhelming combo-smell of sweat, grease and portaloo in the air.

Meanwhile, all five stages are jammed with incredible bands and choosing between missing someone entirely or watching fifteen-minute snippets dictates the day’s timetable. Sound familiar?

Take the opening day: Coheed And Cambria are on at exactly the same time as Iggy Pop, so a little bit of prog-metal and a whole lot of Iggy seems appropriate. Iggy is in fine form too, phasing back into a solo career with vigour and gusto after years with the Stooges, following the passing of both Ron and Scott Asheton. Mind, he still plays a lot of Stooges tunes alongside solo faves like Real Wild Child and, of course, Lust For Life.

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