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Live: Faces

Live Review

Venue: Rock ’N’ Horsepower, Hurtwood Polo Club, Surrey

Having themselves a real good time: the Godfathers of Lad’s Rock reunite in support of Prostate Cancer UK.

It’s been an implausibly long time coming, some might even say too long. In the forty years since the Faces last convened for a full set’s worth of material we’ve lost both Ronnie Lane and, more recently, Ian McLagan. There’s even a school of thought (online at least) that insists: ‘No Ronnie, No Mac, No Faces’. But the naysayers aren’t here.

Those that are here, meanwhile, are preposterously excited. And not just the fellas with regulation lapsed-mod, pineapple-esque, storm-damaged-thatch hairdos whose gait visibly diminishes from a swagger to a stagger with every gang-brayed chorus of Stay With Me

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