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Lucifer / Galley Beggar / Saturn

Live Review

Venue: Borderline, London

Magickal German/British alliance spreads its wings

Descending upon London’s Borderline tonight is a lineup that’s straight out of another era.

Swedish ‘space rockers’ SATURN [8] come crashing onto the tiny stage and, with only their debut album Ascending under their belts, they’ve got youthful exuberance and bravado in spades. It’s evident from their demeanour and the easy back-and-forth between singer Oscar and guitarist Robin, who looks like a slightly feral Michael Cera, that this is a band of brothers who have got tunes – not least the excellent Still Young and Tower Of Terror. Playing a tight set of heavy metal songs with shades of prog and early Priest, the guys are sadly stopped just short of playing their last song, but take it in their stride. 

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