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Metal Allegiance

Live Review

Venue: Best Buy Theater, New York City

The stars gather for a night of metal revelry

There’s a palpable buzz from both the crowd and the musicians onstage as the German folk song Ein Heller Und Ein Batzen introduces Accept’s Fast As A Shark, a song that helped plant the seeds of thrash.

No one’s here for a history lesson, they’ve gathered for a soundtrack of songs they loved at pivotal moments in their lives, and that’s what Metal Allegiance deliver. Death Angel’s Mark Osegueda sings lead, as he does for much of the night, and Testament’s Alex Skolnick and Exodus and Slayer’s Gary Holt share guitar duties while Mike Portnoy keeps time like a stopwatch. For the guys onstage, this isn’t work, it’s pure fun, bringing back their garage jamming days. 

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