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Teenage Time Killers

Live Review

Venue: The Fonda Theatre, Hollywood

Randy Blythe and Corey Taylor head up an all-star punk extravaganza

This year’s most ambitious addition to the ever-expanding sub-species of all-star heavy metal collaborations (omnes stellae cooperationis gravis metallum) has been Teenage Time Killers, that hydra-headed collective of metal and punk icons founded by Corrosion Of Conformity drummer Reed Mullin and My Ruin guitarist Mick Murphy to pay tribute to their enduring love of old-school punk, 80s hardcore and all things underground.

In both scale and nominal stature, TTK audaciously exceeded the heights reached by any previous heavy metal supergroup, bested in numbers only by generational flashpoints like Live Aid or USA For Africa. A studio-clogging 20 different punk and metal frontmen, including Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe, Clutch’s Neil Fallon, Jello Biafra (ex-Dead Kennedys), Lee Ving (Fear) and Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour), as well as a legion of battle-hardened road dogs like Dave Grohl (showing off his bass-playing skills) and Matt Skiba (Blink-182, Alkaline Trio) collaborated on TTK’s cheekily-titled debut, Greatest Hits, Vol. 1. Most, but not all of the original collaborators are scheduled to perform tonight, lending a rarified air to the show; after all, coordinating the schedules of more than 30 touring musicians and their support crews to be in the same city long enough to rehearse and play a one-off gig makes herding cats sound logical and effortless.

After a Dead Kennedys/Sex Pistols mix warms up the house, a fresh-faced Trenton Rogers (Chaotic Justice) charges out and leads the band through TTK’s playfully snotty eponymous theme song. He gets high marks for effort, but he’s too youthful and doe-eyed to credibly pull off a song like Fuck Authority and we can’t help but think that if Hot Topic ever sponsored a punk tour, it would look an awful lot like this. Venerable LA radio personality Pat ‘DJ Adam Bomb’ Hoed acts as MC and explains that each vocalist will perform mini-sets that will include cuts from the TTK debut, material from their own bands or various, backed by a house band that remains fairly static – Reed on drums, Mick on guitar and the propulsive True Rivals bassist, Derik Envy. 

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