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Black Veil Brides / Asking Alexandria

Live Review

Venue: Alexandria Palace, London

Modern rockers share the spoils at Warped UK

One half of a Vans Warped UK co-headline double-whammy with Black Veil Brides, ASKING ALEXANDRIA’s [8] first UK outing with new frontman Denis Stoff was always going to be a defining moment, but it’s clear Denis is taking it in his stride.

Rather than trying to live up to predecessor Danny Worsnop – who’s taken on a rather Lord Voldemort-esque notoriety with Ben Bruce in recent interviews as the baddie who must not be named – Denis makes the songs his own, screaming with the power and volume of a man three times his size. They open with the first of two new singles, I Won’t Give In, which marks the band’s return to a heavier sound. The crowd’s reaction shows that, rather than missing Danny’s penchant for hair-metal antics, they’re welcoming the return to screamo, and obey Denis’s every command to sit down, jump up and form a pit. Ever the joker, Ben gets the crowd to chant the Power Rangers theme song, before making a dick joke that falls spectacularly flat when he realises the woman his words are aimed at is, in fact, a man. Older material like The Final Episode (Let’s Change The Channel) and If You Can’t Ride Two Horses At Once... are tackled by Denis with as much gusto as the heavier tracks, and he never once looks like the new guy.

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