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Northlane / Volumes

Live Review

Venue: Islington Academy, London

Oz metalcorers get a new lease of life

The Academy is buzzing tonight as a sold-out crowd of screaming metalcore fans hyped on Tuborg tries to push further toward the stage like a stampede of buffalo heading toward a brick wall.

But before tonight’s star attraction, LA breakdown lovers VOLUMES [5] do their best to raise the already sweaty temperature. Dressed entirely in white like scene Andrew WKs, the five-piece leap around like fleas on and off the stage – frontmen Michael and Gus surf round the room on shoulders, but the musical impact is lost in a damp mix of hookless genericore that fails to substantially drag the audience in on any emotional level. Stepping things up by a gear or two are the revitalised NORTHLANE [7], who hurtle onstage amida flurry of moshpits and screams.

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