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Impericon Never Day Die! Tour

Live Review

Venue: Koko, London

The Amity Affliction rally for the cause of mental health

In the past, the Never Say Die! tour has been sponsored by PETA, but this year’s good cause is mental health issues.

Impassioned speeches on seeking support come later in the evening from the likes of Joel Quartuccio and Joel Birch, but the opening acts make sure the vibe is positive from the start. German metalcore outfit BURNING DOWN ALASKA [8] may not be a household name in the UK yet, but they soon will be. Sharp, clear guitar lines weave their way through jagged fuzz and melodic sections, giving shades of In Hearts Wake and Parkway Drive to their sound. Judging by the reaction, they’ve just won themselves a legion of fans. FIT FOR A KING [6] may have, by their own admission, been waiting four years to play in the UK, but the melodic hardcore troupe don’t elicit as much energy from the crowd, despite impressively quick double-pedal work.

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