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Megadeth / Lamb Of God / Children Of Bodom / Sylosis

Live Review

Venue: SSE Arena, London

Metal masters unite in the face of evil

With the red, white and blue of La Tricolore flying from the adjacent Wembley Stadium in the wake of the abhorrent terrorist attacks in Paris less than 24 hours earlier, tonight’s gig deserves a full 10 out of 10 before a note has been played.

Not just for the bands, but for the staff, security and thousands of music fans that venture out determined to enjoy the simple pleasure of going to see live music, and a refusal to bow to the ugliest form of intimidation tactics. Tonight, more than ever, the community and family nature of heavy music is brought to the fore.

So it takes on an extra poignancy as SYLOSIS [7] walk onstage and do an admirable job in a slot that is usually a poisoned chalice. The Reading quartet share a lot in common with the headliners; their modern thrash is technically exceptional and contains enough twists and turns to keep the listener on their toes. The fact that a circle-pit is swirling around the arena before half six in the evening says it all.

CHILDREN OF BODOM [6], however, have stalled in the last half-decade. Their mix of melodic death metal, epic keys and the charismatic flourishes of Alexi Laiho made them one of modern metal’s most popular bands, but tonight they sound dated and look tired. Alexi does his best to channel the hellraiser of old, and classics like the closing double salvo of Hate Crew Death Roll and Downfall means they can leave having maximised a damage limitation job. 

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