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Mötley Crüe / Alice Cooper

Live Review

Venue: SSE Arena, London

LA’s rock legends go out with a bang

Whether you regard Mötley Crüe’s decision to call it quits as a tragedy for rock’n’roll or a blessed relief, there is no denying that they have orchestrated a spectacular exit that reaffirms the LA legends’ status as one of our world’s most uncomplicated pleasures.

Bringing ALICE COOPER [9] along for this final ride makes perfect sense too, although in light of the gloriously preposterous and anthem-packed display the old ghoul puts on tonight, it’s a decision that leaves the headliners with very little room for fuck-ups. Alice is a master of these occasions, with as many timeless classics up his sleeve as there are schlock rock props and goofy bit-part players littering the stage. Whether having his head cut off, gibbering in a straitjacket or simply prowling the boards like the creepy uncle of your worst nightmares, Coop is so dizzyingly entertaining that the final, riotous School’s Out feels like the last roar of a headline set, rather than just a world-class hors d’oeuvre. 

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