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Sepultura / Evile / Dendera

Live Review

Venue: Electric Ballroom, London

Celebrating three decades of thrill-power

DENDERA [5] are a pretty odd and rather jarring, mix of traditional, almost power, metal with thrash leanings. Sounding neither old school nor contemporary, they go by almost unnoticed.

EVILE [6] are much better a fit, but haven’t regained their former heights of the excitement. Tonight there are flashes of thrash brilliance, but the set is more characterised by the sort of tiredness that you’d never usually associate with them. Let’s hope it was just an off night. If for only their resoluteness to stay the course in their own way, the SEPULTURA [8] of 2015 deserve to be given the chance to celebrate 30 years of the name, if not the band, as so many associate it, per se.

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