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Dan Patlansky, On The Attack In London

Live Review

Venue: The Borderline, Soho, London

Blistering blues-rock with a few fixable flaws and plenty of punch.

YOUNG MASCOT SIGNING Aaron Keylock opens the show at The Borderline with railroad stomper Medicine Man, his long hair flowing and his stick-thin frame scooting around the stage as his excellent leftie bassist and driven drummer take care of business. Keylock’s dexterity can be quite dazzling, especially on his Gibson Firebird, probably a nod to the late, great Johnny Winter. Some of his compositions are manifestly in the wrong key for his voice, something a canny producer will attend to. Tuning down two semitones, some intervals should do it with no need to amend the chord progressions. His slide playing is skilful and exciting in a non-stop and impressive live performance.

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