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Live Review

Venue: London Old Market House, Hove

Barnsley’s behemoths hit the seaside

As Biff Byford explains from the stage, this date was intended as a warm-up for Saxon’s tour with Motörhead: “Sadly, the warm-up has become the only fucking show, so this one’s a bit special.”


Indeed. The 500-capacity Old Market House is the ideal venue in which to pin our ears back with two hours (“We shouldn’t really play for this long at our age,” chuckles Biff) of heavy metal thunder, while filming the proceedings. The setlist cunningly toggles between classic tracks and heavier post-millennial delights. Unlike some bands who sheepishly infuse their set with one or two token tracks from their latest record, Saxon are clearly proud of last year’s Battering Ram (“Our best-selling album since 1992!”) and air half of it, including tremendous moments like the title track and The Devil’s Footprint

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