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Live review: Babymetal

Live Review

Venue: London Wembley SSE Arena

J-Pop meets Megadeth – and the results are impossible to resist.

Watching Babymetal – a trio of teenage Japanese toy dolls having synchronised tantrums, kung fu fights and pointing contests along to a Kami Band of chundering ghouls in sanatorium whites – you can’t help but wonder if comedy great Harry Hill might ponder: “I like J-Pop but I also like hardcore thrash metal. But which one’s best?”

J-Pop undoubtedly wins the ensuing Tekken battle. As brutally as the band can hammer out Babymetal Death and the electro-thrash Awadama Fever, once singers Su-metal, Yiametal and Moametal stop chanting “Death! Death!” like sinister cheerleaders of doom and unleash the devastating pure pop hooks of Doki Doki Morning and Gimme Chocolate!!, they twist the rock around their pointy fingers.


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