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Babymetal: Live In London

Live Review

Venue: SSE Wembley Arena, London

J-Pop trio bring the WTF factor to Wembley

The May 2014 issue of Hammer featured a ‘Hot New Band’ called Babymetal.

Sure, they had racked up a million YouTube hits in one day for their Gimme Chocolate!! video but the jury was still out on their long-term prospects. Back then, the notion of them playing Wembley Arena was about as probable as Dave Mustaine rejoining Metallica. Now, on a bright and sunny April Saturday, fans are turning up at midday to catch these J-Pop enigmas play to 12,500 people in one of the UK’s biggest and most legendary venues. What the fuck happened?

It’s 8.30pm and as the lights dim the foreboding strains of Babymetal Death signal the start of the show and with all eyes on the stage it takes a moment to clock Su-metal, Moametal and Yuimetal rising from a podium in the middle of the crowd.

The tight riffs that blast out from the Kami Band (the trio’s live backing band) are monumentally heavy and undeniably joyful, not least because the sight of three tutu-clad girls jamming out precisely choreographed moves to raging heavy metal is the weirdest thing you’ll have seen for a long time. The hour and a half that follows seems to go by in a trippy flash. Their new album Metal Resistance has been out for little more than 24 hours but the second they play Awadama Fever the (mostly male) crowd are following the trio’s moves like some bizarre metal version of the Macarena.


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