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Live review: Crossfaith / The Qemists / The One Hundred

Live Review

Venue: Electric, London

Japan’s rave metallers leave Brixton aglow

The blast of an air horn signals the start of a raucous metal dance party in Brixton.

The blast of an air horn signals the start of a raucous metal dance party in Brixton. THE ONE HUNDRED [6] tread a fine line between punchy and cheesy as they charge through a short set with lashings of Dizzee Rascal, Papa Roach and Korn, ending with the singalong Downfall. THE QEMISTS [7] offer more of the same, but there’s a deeper, darker element to their sound as Oliver Simmons and Bruno Balanta bounce off each other with contrasting clean and unclean vocals.

Crossfaith’s Kenta Koie joins them onstage for an explosive rendition of Anger, and while the idea of nu metal-meets-drum’n’bass isn’t new, the energy and conviction they perform with keeps it fresh. CROSSFAITH [8] are on form from the moment they make their dramatic entrance. They’ve got all the swagger of a stadium band as they chug whiskey and work the crowd into a willing frenzy.


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