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Live review: Wrongstock II

Live Review

Venue: Underworld, London

UK hopefuls and diehards rustle up the riffs

The bill might be handpicked by one of the UK’s most respected metal producers, Russ Russell, but The Underworld isn’t full for REPRISAL [6].

Their death/hardcore hybrid wakes up the keenest punters, though. The masked men of SONS OF PACKINSON [7] are up next, and their music is just as excellently aggressive as their image. WAIL OF SIRENS [8] just take Band Of The Day with their old-school hardcore meets grind meets sarcastic stage banter mix. ERADIKATOR [6] struggle to continue the relentless pace, even though they have a nice line in Iron Monkey-level heaviness.

DERANGE [5] are stylistically the odd ones out. Their shimmering, prog-tinged tech-metal is received politely and nothing more. There’s nothing at all polite about STONEGHOST [8], who come roaring out of the traps as the first band that seem to have a real grasp of stagecraft today.


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