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Hawkwind Live Review - Eastbourne, The Winter Gardens

Live Review

Venue: The Winter Gardens, Eastbourne

There's no stopping this space rock machine!

There are grey beards here, those for whom a Hawkwind gig has been an annual pilgrimage for over 45 years.

There are those who look like refugees from a 90s rave, accentuating the band’s oft-forgotten influence on that scene. There’s even one woman who’s not sure what band she’s watching, as well as those who’ve never seen the space rockers live before. Such is the diversity of those who’ve come to see the latest remarkable incarnation of Hawkwind.
Much of the set is constructed around their new album The Machine Stops. And just as this is the best Hawkwind album in more than two decades, tonight’s performance is close to being a reincarnation. It’s mesmerising, never letting the attention drift for one minute.

As the intro leads into The Machine, the backdrop behind the band sparks into life with an ongoing series of psychedelic, eerily dissonant imagery. Typically, while the visual presentation thrums with creativity, it reflects the eternal Hawkwind philosophy in that it has a homemade appeal, albeit in the best sense of the word.


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