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Hexvessel Live Review - London, 100 Club

Live Review

Venue: 100 Club, London

Hexvessel get creative in this iconic London venue.

He began as the venomous black metal voice of Dødheimsgard (in Norway) and, later, Code (in...erm, Surrey), before scrapping the growl and heading to Finland to form psychedelic folk-proggers Hexvessel.

More recently, he dovetailed into gothic post-punk tunes with the excellent Beastmilk. But Beastmilk subsequently died and was reborn last year (not quite as successfully, we’d argue) as Grave Pleasures. Ultimately, however, the spiritual, darkly retro lure of Hexvessel came out on top for Mat ‘Kvohst’ McNerney.

As with the metal-turned-prog likes of Mikael Åkerfeldt and Jonas Renkse, it’s strange to imagine the melodious, present-day McNerney in his black metal days. Tonight, back with Hexvessel, he’s sounding more sonorous, less ‘black metally’ than ever. Is this really the same guy who started his career in a band called Vomitorium?


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