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Muse Live Review - London, 02 Arena

Live Review

Venue: 02 Arena, London

Muse take over the 02 Arena with their stadium prog

Say what you like about Muse, but they know how to put on a show, and with this performance they’re aiming big. Pink Floyd big. Rolling Stones big. U2 big.

A giant mothership of a rig is suspended high above the O2 floor, filled with a dozen giant plastic orbs. Their function becomes apparent during the opening Drones, as they slowly depart their docks, lift into the air, drop over the edge of the rig and descend into the arena, blinking and spinning slowly, unsupported by any visible means. It’s magical, and sets the bar high for an evening of entertainment that’s heavy on bombast and ambition.

Everything is designed to impress, from Matt Bellamy’s extraordinary V8 of a guitar, which sounds like it was tuned by the race engineers at Cosworth, to the video projections stretching the entire width of the arena. It’s a vast, dizzying, jaw-dropping spectacle, a musical equivalent of the Blue Man Group or Cirque du Soleil. Bellamy’s tales of corruption and conspiracy are rendered on a massive scale, like Roger Waters’ in The Wall, the show wringing maximum visual impact from ostensibly small stories.


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