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Stanley Clarke and Hiromi Live Review - London, Palladium

Live Review

Venue: Palladium, London

American jazz musician teams up with Japanese pianist for a musical treat.

It’s an encouraging sign for contemporary music that Stanley Clarke and Japanese jazz pianist Hiromi manage to sell out the London Palladium tonight.

As Clarke tells the audience, the duo were borne out of necessity when a drummer (spared shame by remaining nameless) failed to show up for a trio gig. But there’s nothing missing in tonight’s all-acoustic set of piano and upright bass, even if the two performers are a study in contrasts.

The diminutive Hiromi is a bundle of energy, jumping to her feet when the spirit moves her and, like Keith Jarrett, becoming so possessed by the music she moans and grunts while playing. Meanwhile, Clarke is the anchor holding everything in place; his right foot a metronome tapping out time, even when he cuts loose with his own explorations.


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