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Live Review: Jeff Lynne's ELO

Live Review

Venue: London 02 Arena

The pomp-rock mastermind completes his most unlikely return with a hit-packed, crowd-pleasing audiovisual extravaganza.

Intergalactic visuals burst across a stage-front curtain. Doomy orchestrations strike up, like harpies swooping on a defiant Brunhilde. Hyperdrive warps mark the long-awaited descent of ELO, returning home after 30 years in the cosmos. And down its metaphorical landing ramp steps Jeff Lynne, rocking the celestial barroom boogie of Tightrope and gasping, “The O2, eh? What a great kick.” Imagine the final scenes of Close Encounters Of The Third Kind if the aliens had been one awestruck plumber from Birmingham, made entirely of hair and sunglasses.


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