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Desertfest 2016 live review – London, various venues

Live Review

Venue: Various venues, Camden, London

Electric Wizard and co bring London’s Desertfest to the boil


Desertfest is celebrating its fifth year in rude and hirsute health by the looks of the crowds genially invading Camden Town. Not only has the festival maintained a coherent identity that can still allow itself some mutant strains, it’s one that’s geared towards music obsessives, as the vinyl stores outside and friendly, chilled atmosphere attest.

Strange things are afoot upstairs at the Black Heart and with their ‘orchestral doom’ gliding between fragile and cacophonous, former Burning Witch cohorts G Stuart Dahlquist and Edgy59’s THE POISONED GLASS -[8] are unlike anything else on the weekend’s bill. As are TEETH OF THE SEA [8]. Their post-punk/noise/disco/trumpet maelstrom might alienate some attendees but it’s 40-odd minutes of brilliant, throbbing avant-rock that’s not unlike being hit in the face, repeatedly, by a breezeblock covered in glitter.


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