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Roadburn 2016 live review – O13/Het Patronaat/Cul de Sac Tilburg

Live Review

Venue: Tilburg O13/HET Patronaat/Cul de Sac

Neurosis and Converge sear souls at Roadburn 2016, Tilburg.

Whether it’s your first time or Roadburn has long been your annual calling, entering the café-lined street that leads up to the 013 feels like crossing into an alternate reality, where 4,300 like-minded souls have converged on a musical holy grail. The first of this year’s Tampere contingent, and representing the warmer end of its cosmic spectrum, HEXVESSEL [8] take well to the renovated and vastly expanded main room and make it feel intimate, their pastoral and psychedelic search for enlightenment ranging from wide-eyed celebrations of psilocybin to haunting, soul-searching odes, leaving you with the fi nal revelation that men in capes are fucking cool. The besieged entrance to Het Patronaat turns out to be an intergalactic portal as fellow Tampere explorers ORANSSI PAZUZU [9] turn themselves into the sonic equivalent of a supercollider, hypercharged, mantric ri s colliding with relentlessly probing bass and exploding into maxed out, mindfuck, space/time-warping black metal that pulls every soul here into their erratic, ecstatic orbit.


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