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GNOD in London live review

Live Review

Venue: The Lexington, London

Salford's Gnod bring their krautrock blend to The Lexington

Of all the bands to have caught and surfed the current wave of psychedelia that’s been cleansing third-eyes and frazzling brains across the globe, Gnod are perhaps one of the most difficult to pin down, while remaining one of the most satisfying to encounter. With so many psychic explorers happy to find a groove and mine this for all it’s worth, the Salford collective refuse to be pinned down as they twist and turn, reacting to the slings and arrows that modern life continually throws out. Each of their releases have been an individual statement that morphs from one to the other, often necessitating a fluid attitude to line-ups, collaborations and deliveries. Whereas their 2014 triple album, Infinity Machines, found Gnod stretching out into truly epic proportions, so the following release, this year’s Mirror, at just three yet substantive tracks, is a relatively short, sharp shock in comparison.


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