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Knifeworld at London's Bush Hall live review

Live Review

Venue: Bush Hall, London

Welcome to Knifeworld's trippy live world.

There’s a man dressed as a dog onstage. And a woman playing a bassoon. And trippy, viscous projections that have turned the stately Bush Hall into some sort of acid-infused womb. Yes this is a rock show, but not as you know it.

The man in the dog suit (producer Bob Drake) doesn’t stick around, but everything else does. Purveyors of unwieldy prog, commanders of era-spanning psychedelia, and merry champions of unfashionable woodwind instruments, Knifeworld don’t make music like other bands. Since appearing in 2009 with the elegantly named single Pissed Up On Brake Fluid – after former Cardiacs man (and current Gong singer/guitarist) Kavus Torabi decided his solo project needed more legs – the eight-piece have occupied a strange, at times baffling world of jerky alt rock, sax and psychedelic prog.


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