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Queensrÿche live review - The Joint, Las Vegas

Live Review

Venue: The Joint, Las Vegas

Queensrÿche bring their Sin City show to Vegas.

Considering that replacing a prominent frontman is the biggest gamble a band can take, it’s fitting that Queensrÿche’s Sin City performance takes place inside a casino theatre. While a string of disappointing albums and occasionally awkward live performances with original singer Geoff Tate made his 2012 firing seem obvious in retrospect, it was still a huge risk to bring in the comparatively unknown Todd La Torre. Four years and two albums in, however, the group’s roll of the dice continues to pay off.

Tonight, two large video screens flank the drum riser of Scott Rockenfield, who takes the stage first and begins the percussive intro to Guardian, a competent track from 2015’s Condition Hüman. One by one, he’s joined by his bandmates, with La Torre entering last, wasting no time in hitting impressive stratospheric highs.


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