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Hiromi live review - Jazz Cafe, London

Live Review

Venue: The Jazz Cafe, London

Japanese jazz pianist brings her Trio Project to Camden.

Despite the name, London’s Jazz Café is as likely to host hip-hop as anything from the jazz canon, and in some respects it’s not the ideal venue for genius pianist Hiromi and The Trio Project. As every member of the band sits down, if you’re not in the first few rows then bassist Anthony Jackson is all but invisible and Hiromi only pops into sight when she leaps to her feet in a frenzy. Simon Phillips’ gargantuan drum kit dominates the skyline and, unlike when he leads his own Protocol group and looks out to the audience, tonight he’s facing Hiromi directly across the boards. Throughout the set, Phillips rarely takes his eyes off the pianist, watching her like a hawk, ready to react in an instant to whatever curveballs she throws at him.


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