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Yes live review - Massachusetts

Live Review

Venue: Lynn Auditorium, Massachusetts

Yes prove they're still roadworthy as Asia's Jay Schellen is the latest addition to their ever-changing line-up

Following a rousing rendition of I’ve Seen All Good People, Steve Howe tells the audience, “That was one of the first songs we did when I was the new boy in the band.”

Tempus fugit. The 69-year-old guitarist is now the old boy in a group that no longer features any founding members. To compound matters, Yes’ second tour since Chris Squire’s death suffered a last-minute setback: drummer Alan White dropped out because of back surgery. With the addition of substitute drummer Jay Schellen (Hurricane, Asia) to the ever-changing lineup, one imagines that Pete Frame’s Rock Family Tree for Yes has run out of branches.

Perhaps sensing they have a lot to prove, Yes bolt out of the gate at full gallop for Machine Messiah. Howe looks possessed. He kicks his leg forward as he plays notes as sharp as pinpricks. Alas, the remainder of the full album performance of Drama feels serviceable rather than inspired. Bassist Billy Sherwood and Schellen often peer at electronic tablets for musical cues. Howe glowers at the band when Into the Lens teeters at one point. The musicians look visibly relieved when they rally to finish the first set with a full-blooded Siberian Khatru.


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