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Bloodstock Festival 2016 live review - Derbyshire

Live Review

Venue: Catton Hall, Derbyshire

Post-metal and prog take over Bloodstock Festival!

There’s something hugely endearing about the obvious passion that post-metal Londoners Sumer put into their Bloodstock performance. Their music may occasionally drift into overly familiar waters – it’s possible to like Tool a bit too much – but the quintet’s collective chemistry is such that everything they play feels underpinned by some mystical force. Much of the Bloodstock bill sticks rigidly to heavy metal tradition, but Sumer’s densely atmospheric barrage of sound deservedly draws a huge crowd, and more than a few minds are being robustly blown.

It can’t be too long before Brutai are rocketing up the greasy showbiz pole. More succinct and elegantly melodic than the vast majority of their post-djent peers, they take Bloodstock by surprise by being neither too cerebral nor too polished for the sea of beards and tattoos before them. In fact, at times they’re crucifyingly heavy, but Felix Lawrie’s bell-clear croon and Alex Lorimer’s swathes of ingenious electronics provide an anchor that’s planted firmly in more forward-thinking realms.

Symphony X give a prog metal masterclass, sounding colossal and imperious.

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