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Flux live review - Woodburner at Styx, London

Live Review

Venue: Woodburner at Styx, London

Eclectic sounds from London-based four-piece Flux

Woodburner, organisers of live acoustic events around London, are Prog’s hosts on this balmy late summer evening in Tottenham. Styx is a hip establishment with a makeshift DIY chic. Under a Bedouin tent, the wooden stage forms a bridge over a small stretch of water – a nod to the river that gives this arts space its moniker – and an eclectic young crowd have paid the ferryman a small fee to be transported tonight.

Flux are a four-piece with an unusual amalgam of instrumentation and styles. This is evident before they play a note. From right to left we have acoustic guitar, violin, keyboard and finally band leader Shammi Pithia poised at the mic with bansuri, a bamboo flute of South Asian origin.

A solo guitar intro mixes flamenco flair with Western classical guitar lines, immediately bringing to mind the maestro John Williams. As Night Tide begins to coalesce, so does that connection – the melting pot of styles is reminiscent of Sky.


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