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Oktopus live review - Boston Music Rooms, London

Live Review

Venue: Boston Music Rooms, London

Birmingham trio Oktopus cram in the tunes for London show

Brevity is often a dirty word in prog. As a genre that values complexity, instrumental prowess and wide-reaching ideas, fans want to see boundaries extended, especially those of time. Birmingham trio Oktopus play by different rules, trimming down their name from Progoctopus, issuing a debut album, Worlds Apart, that clocks in at under 35 minutes, and tonight serving up a set that doesn’t take much longer. Eyes Open sets out their stall, a tumbling riff leading into a catchy opening section, the likes of which you might find on a Ben Folds album. Moves from Rush’s later years lead into a fusion middle eight, until the song’s refrain cements itself into our heads, with time for one last solo from guitarist/vocalist Alistair Bell.


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