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Circus Maximus live review - The Underworld, London

Live Review

Venue: The Underworld, Camden, London

Circus Maximus with support from Gabriel, Memoreve and Looking For Droids

London-based multinationals Looking For Droids play a guitar-heavy strain of heavy psychedelia. They’re at their best when dropping down a few notches with Damaged Goods, or the more hummable Everything, though in resorting to mere full-on rock’n’roll they come across as just a bit… meh.

Armed with pneumatic drums, rapid-fire guitar runs and a lady keyboard player to colour the sound, Memoreve are much better suited to such a prog metal-themed occasion. The Leeds six‑piece draw cheers and devil horns from a small but dedicated crowd, and their highly proficient display is crowned by Falling Further, the current YouTube single that was made with the help of TesseracT guitarist Acle Kahney.

Gabriel are a bit more of a mixed bag, marrying melodic influences and even the occasional growled vocal to their enthusiastic prog metal foundations. The improbably monikered Kostas B Hades has a decent enough storytelling voice when he’s not trying to impersonate a grizzly bear, and the Londoners clearly have the potential to craft something worthwhile. However, right now, those song arrangements are just a wee bit too lumpen.

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