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PFM live in London - review

Live Review

Venue: Islington O2 Academy, London

Franz Di Cioccio and co bring a breathtaking show to London

Arriving onstage to polite acknowledgement, The Fierce & The Dead get a gradually-building reaction from the crowd. Their humour, ebullience and instrumental command during this 30 minute set prove to be impressive. Even ongoing tuning problems can’t obscure the fact that the night is a qualified success for them.

There’s an enduring passion in the UK for PFM. So, when the Italian seven-piece amble onstage to a huge outburst of approbation, it’s clear they’re already among friends. In one respect, there’s a peculiar stage set-up. While founder Franz Di Cioccio wanders occasionally out from behind his drum kit to the front of the stage to handle vocals, the rest of the time it’s Alberto Bravin singing. What makes it strange is that he’s tucked away right at the back.

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