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David Gilmour live at the Royal Albert Hall - review

Live Review

Venue: Royal Albert Hall, London

Prog rock's reigning royal heads to the Albert Hall

As the likelihood of Pink Floyd ever sharing a stage again appears to decrease with every passing year, it’s nights like these that leave us wondering what we might be missing – or if we’re missing anything at all. Roger Waters has just performed his grumpy version of the Floyd catalogue at a set of shows for Desert Fest in California, while in the other corner, David Gilmour’s doing very well with his slightly more avuncular take.

The main difference between the two sets is that Waters’ setlist was all-Floyd, and all pre-split, while Gilmour throws in a few post‑breakup tracks, as well as several from his own On An Island and Rattle That Lock albums. Otherwise, it’s a pure Pink Floyd experience in all but name: the band’s iconic ‘Mr Screen’ still dominates the backdrop as it did in 1974, and the newer songs are painted using the familiar Floyd palette.

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