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Intronaut live in London - review

Live Review

Venue: The Dome, London

While they might have been unexpected stage buddies, turns out Intronaut and The Shining make excellent proggy bedfellows...

Every now and then a tour comes along with a pairing of bands that makes you go, “Ooooh!” Intronaut and Shining is one of those tours. In theory, a manic sax-playing troupe from Norway and a laid back, prog-to-smoke-weed-to-style metal outfit from Los Angeles shouldn’t work as stage buddies. But variety is the spice of life, right? Shining have ridden a wave of success off the back of their genre-mashing assault on jazz. And Intronaut, similarly, have tapped into metal fans’ explorative nature. As a double-headlining tour it makes sense.

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