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Rob Reed live in Wiltshire - review

Live Review

Venue: Real World Studios, Box, Wiltshire

Rob Reed's Mike Oldfield-inspired album makes a live appearance in Wilshire

Twilight falls at Real World, Peter Gabriel’s idyllic studio complex nestled deep in rural Wiltshire, and the crisp autumn air is abuzz with anticipation. Because tonight the capacious main studio room is crammed full of guests for a bespoke live performance of Sanctuary, the largely instrumental long-form prog folk project by Rob Reed.

Reed has unashamedly modelled his two Sanctuary albums on Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells, even enlisting some of the same guest musicians and producers. Both projects are essentially one-man-band affairs, so an intriguing element of this event is seeing how Reed’s pristine studio craftsmanship will translate to a full-band setting. He’s flanked by a dozen extra players, including fellow Magenta members guitarist Chris Fry and singer Christina Booth, the latter forming part of an all-female choral quartet.

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