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Iamthemorning, live in London

Live Review

Venue: Bush Hall, London

The "avant garde Sonny and Cher" bring their experimental sounds to London

"We’re like the avant-garde Sonny And Cher,” smiles Tim Bowness as he joins iamthemorning for their first encore. Throughout a triumphant evening, he and the Russian duo’s singer Marjana Semkina have joined each other’s bands for guest spots: the unorthodox idea has led to a fluidity which has leavened the undoubted earnestness of the material. As Marjana quips, their songs are “mostly about death”, while Bowness’ have never been famous for their frivolity either. Yet the vividness of tonight’s sounds and the all-round enthusiasm for elegance has been fused into a feel-good factor. Both artists find beauty in darkness, light in reflection.

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