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Kansas live review - Copernicus Centre, Chicago

Live Review

Venue: Copernicus Centre, Chicago

Kansas bring incredible musicianship (and a great light show) to Chicago

Kansas are back in top form. After lineā€‘up changes which have brought a new lead singer (Ronnie Platt), guitar player (Zak Rizvi), and keyboardist (Dave Manion), the band are re-energised and recapturing the aura of their 70s live performances, with only guitarist Rich Williams and drummer Phil Ehart remaining from those days.

The show starts with a seated acoustic set. During this, Platt hits all the high notes for Hold On and brings the crowd to their feet in applause. The second part of the night brings songs from their new album The Prelude Implicit, which mesh well with the classics, as they sound like classic Kansas. The new songs, such as With This Heart and The Voyage Of Eight Eighteen are thoroughly enjoyable, with the latter packing a punch.


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