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Lazuli live review - The Borderline, London

Live Review

Venue: The Borderline, London

Lazuli bring their stunning show to London

For a band whose songs are as undeniably epic as Lazuli’s, a show like this is very much a doubled-edged experience. On one hand, their blend of Tuareg rhythms, off-kilter electronica and Floydian guitar is astonishingly powerful at close quarters, but it does make you wonder why they’re not playing much larger venues. Perhaps it’s a language issue, with singer Dominique Leonetti’s awkward attempts at English limited to remarks about travelling to England on school exchange trips and driving on the right-hand side of the road. Although his introduction to Le Mar Du Passé, a song about the rise of the far right in France, is greeted by the kind of roar that suggest there aren’t many neo-Nazis in the room. Sometimes language really isn’t a barrier.


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