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Purson live review - Club Academy, Manchester

Live Review

Venue: Club Academy, Manchester

Psychedelic sounds breathe life into Purson's performance in Manchester

The first thing that’s striking about Purson’s live set, as they launch into the title track from their newest album Desire’s Magic Theatre, is how much louder and more aggressive they are live than on record. Far from a retiring, kitschy psych band, they’re able to conjure up shades of Deep Purple, as well as Camel and Van der Graaf Generator.

For Electric Landlady, frontwoman and bandleader Rosalie Cunningham dons a Gibson SG. As the main riff kicks in, there’s a moment of confusion as those unfamiliar with the band analyse what’s going on – no, it’s not a cover of Hendrix’s Foxy Lady, but the hook is strikingly similar. Nevertheless, the rest of the track is well received, and Cunningham seems noticeably more comfortable with a guitar in her hand.


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