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Wardruna live review - Union Chapel, London

Live Review

Venue: Union Chapel, London

Norwegian ensemble enchant their London audience

Those uninitiated into the power of traditional Norwegian ensemble Wardruna might be surprised by just how quickly they have become a cult phenomenon in the music world, drawing in everyone from metalheads to folkies. Witness them live, however, and any sense of surprise will dissolve.

Before Wardruna charm the Union Chapel tonight for their first of two performances in London on this tour, the elusive Darkher, otherwise known as Jayn H Wissenberg, takes to the stage for an acoustic set. Like Wardruna, Darkher’s dark folk, in all its spellbinding, eerie splendour, transcends genres and fanbases: her most recent London show prior to this was supporting a heavy doom metal band, but the atmospheric grandeur of her music has also captured the hearts of many a progger. Her stripped- back showcase is a pleasing prelude, but you get the feeling that she’s somewhat overwhelmed by the magnitude of tonight’s event. She needn’t be, for her talent is unmistakeable.


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