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The Anchoress live review - King's Place, London

Live Review

Venue: King's Place, London

The Anchoress teams up with Martin Grech for an evening of romantic entertainment...

The Anchoress – otherwise known as Catherine Anne Davies – celebrates a successful year tonight with a stripped-down, acoustic reworking of the songs that won her Prog’s Best Newcomer award. Her album Confessions Of A Romance Novelist was released in January 2016 and now, by December, she’s able to perform its highlights at a Steinway piano, with anecdotes about the coming to fruition of each one.

She’s still a nervous character onstage, though we only know this because she keeps telling us. With a three-piece string section providing light and shade, her voice, blending the honey of Karen Carpenter with the ice of PJ Harvey, flows freely: in this setting we can perfectly hear how strong and sure it is.


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