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Fairport Convention at Union Chapel, London - live review

Live Review

Venue: Union Chapel, London

Fairport Convention celebrate their 50th in style

In numerology, 50 represents personal freedom and also indicates success by being a member of a large organisation or society. The number looms large over Fairport Convention in this, their 50th anniversary year. They have a designated birthday show at the Union Chapel in a few months, but tonight there’s a practice run for that to promote their latest release, the 50:50@50 album, a record of half studio, half live performances. At this stage of the game the band are certainly free to do exactly what they want, and the pews are packed with their ‘people’, fans who founding member Simon Nichol (guitar, vocals) says he recognises many of from over the years at the Cropredy Festival. It’s a very sizable ‘family’ gathering.


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