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X Japan at London's Wembley Arena - live review

Live Review

Venue: Wembley Arena, London

Visual kei pioneers hit the road to Wembley

It’s finally here. Thirty-five years since the band formed, 10 years since they reunited, and a year on from their cancelled date, X Japan are about to realise a dream: headlining the prestigious Wembley Arena. But before that, they have a documentary to screen. The arena has been reconfigured so seats line the standing area, and a projector screen hangs from the ceiling. Tonight there’s a shortened, 60-minute directors’ cut of We Are X, which tells the story of the rise, fall and resurrection of the band. Without warning, the film suddenly stops, the screen drops, and X Japan appear from the wings to a rousing Rusty Nail. Clad all in black leather and silver studs, singer Toshi shimmers in the light, as fireworks erupt and green lasers cut the air around him.


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